Hello and welcome to the all new Dovetail Strings!

Founded in 2006 by Craig Claassen, Dovetail Strings aims to support independent bands and artists, supplying them with quality strings at a great price along with offering a custom t-shirt and plectrum service to represent your brand at the lowest price and highest quality possible!

In 2015, Craig had to relocate from the UK passing the Dovetail torch to avid guitarist Andy Constantinou. Since running the company, there have been ups and downs but finally the vision to update Dovetail Strings with a modern aesthetic is here! Also, your requests have been listened to and we are now offering Dovetail t-shirts and hope to add more designs in 2018!

All of our standard string sets are exactly the same; for now, our original packaging will be used until this also gets a fresh update in 2018. Custom set options for guitar and bass will return once the next big stock order comes in this year but a new option is now added to our standard sets; when applicable, the 'LOW 6 PLUS' option replaces the low 6 string with something slightly heavier for a small price. There is also a 'LOW 6 ULTRA' option which offers an even lower replacement for the 6th string! 

For any of our long term artists, do not worry! Nothing will change as far as your endorsement is concerned and you will receive the same rate we have always offered as long as you have been an active with us within the last year. What you will now see under the league link is info regarding the 3-tier system we have introduced to the program. With the new system, even if you are a band or artist with limited material or fanbase, we can still support you, with the potential to climb the league and increase your benefits as you progress with your project. For the artists that are thriving and establishing their material with regular gigging and a good online fanbase, we now have a higher tier of endorsement with the best discount we've ever offered :)

To close, we want to say thank you for the support over the last few years! This has made it really easy for the company to undergo this transition so we can continue to support our artists and their music! There are more plans to bring even further changes to Dovetail over the next year and we hope you like what you see as things develop!

Feedback is always welcome or If you have any general inquiries, feel free to use the contact form or e-mail direct at info@dovetailstrings.co.uk or alternatively, if you would prefer to have a chat about anything Dovetail related, message us direct at our facebook page.

Many thanks,

Andy Constantinou