Super Light

If you need to go that step further for those Yngwie bends, our brand new Superlight set is the place to start. Extra light tension in this set is favoured towards speed playing; bends and vibrato are executed with ease as a choice for players re-training their hands, as well as increased access to chords for beginners. E-standard tuning is recommended for lighter strings to avoid tuning issues or, the Low String Plus option to fatten the lowest string in the set for more stable drop D tuning.

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Superior quality strings for any style, any player...

Dovetail Strings are made from the highest quality sourced materials to ensure durability & rich tone. Our superior quality, nickel & bronze wound strings pack a nice punch & retain tonal quality. Each string is Individually sealed to provide longer life & then packaged in vibrant eco-friendly, recyclable envelopes.

Unique Style
Run by musicians, for musicians.

We understand how important strings are towards the final   result of your instrument's tone & playability. Our catalogue of strings has been refined over several years & we’re proud to offer an extensive array of sets suitable for any style, any player.

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Concentrate on what’s important; creating.

Our passion stems from supporting artists at the root level with that extra foothold in developing your project. All of our orders are shipped within 2 working days with 1st class tracked service so you can order with peace of mind & focus on creating music!

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