Since our inception, we have offered our artists a generous discount through our endorsement program. Up until now, everyone accepted on the program has received a 50% discount across the entire store. This will remain in place as our middle level league but so we can accommodate a wider range of artists, we've introduced some more levels to our system.


If you are accepted for an endorsement with Dovetail Strings, you will be informed in the response e-mail which level of our league we can offer. The idea is, even if you begin at the entry level, as you work on your project you may apply every six months to have your project evaluated to potentially reach the next level in the league.


Below is the description for each of our new endorsement tiers, starting with our entry level & working up to our highest. All details regarding the individual benefits to each tier are listed for artists to use as reference. Any obligations regarding your first order and other bits of information as things develop with the new system you will be informed about directly!



Our entry level league is for the artist that is starting out with a few roughly recorded demos and a social page that needs traction. We can usually spot potential very early listening to material and will know by your approach if you're taking things seriously which is all we need for an association with you! At this level you will receive the following benefits:

  • Unique, unlimited* use voucher for 40% discount for guitar or bass sets.
  • 2nd class delivery as standard and 1st class for orders over £15.
  • Spend a minimum of £35 in one order and receive a £5 voucher!
  • After your total spend reaches £100, get a free Dovetail t-shirt!
  • Artist development session every 6 months to evaluate endorsement.


This middle level of the league aims to represent our previous and long standing endorsement program. For our artists familiar with us and those new who are working steadily on an album or tour with a solid project would definitely fit into this category. These are 2nd tier privileges: 

  • Unique, unlimited use voucher for 50% discount across the entire store.
  • 2nd class delivery as standard and 1st class for orders over £10.
  • Spend a minimum of £30 in one order and receive a £5 voucher!
  • Extra 10% off voucher each time you refer us an artist that is accepted.
  • Moderate social media support from Dovetail for applicable posts.


The top level of what we can now offer! In the last few years there have seen some amazing and hard working artists joining the Dovetail roster and we felt like we should offer that bit extra for the guys establishing their brand. I'm happy to list the following benefits for our highest league:

  • Unique, unlimited use voucher for 60% discount across the entire store.
  • 1st class delivery on every order, no minimum spend required.
  • Spend a minimum of £25 in one order and receive a £5 voucher!
  • Free goodies in every order worth up to 30% of what you have spent.
  • Full social media support across all our platforms for applicable posts.

*Each voucher provided to an artist is unlimited use but may be revoked at the discretion of Dovetail Strings at any time.



To ensure we have a consistent roster of artists that are actively working with us, each artist we accept for an endorsement will have a no obligation affiliation and all privileges will last at least 1-year from the acceptance date. At the end of this period, depending on your activity as an artist and relationship with Dovetail Strings, you could potentially move up or down a league position or due to inactivity, have endorsement benefits revoked.


With our new look and fresh start, we want to ensure that we're only working with artists that are excited about our brand. We hope by introducing this new system we can offer more lucrative ways to support our artists. The aim is to give you incentive in regards to building your projects as well as providing affordable gear from a company that is genuinely interested in what you do!


Please avoid spamming us to score a higher endorsement! Our entire approach to the league  is based on quality over quantity and the Excalibur tier will be reserved for a select few only. We are a very small company and freebies are difficult for us to give out care-free, the league helps to detail exactly what you receive once you get your endorsement. In the past, we've generally only given away freebies when a large order is placed or a high profile band gets in touch, it's discouraging for us