Now, this is the part everyone wants to know about and for good reason! Our endorsement program is the lifeblood of Dovetail, rather than only offering our strings to everyone at retail price, we've always offered a generous endorsement for those accepted onto the program.

We're now introducing a 3-tier system to our endorsements, which you can read about further in the league link, but we recommend reading the text below detailing some regulations for applying to be a Dovetail artist.


Here is everything you need to know about the new endormsent.

We aim to support as many of our applicants as possible but we have a basic criteria to meet. Please consider the following before applying!
o A link to audio that is easy to access is required for each application*
o Low quality audio and artwork doesn't look great for an application!
o An active social media page with posts that receive interaction helps.
o We mainly ship to UK, Europe & the US (other countries may apply).

*Audio is not required if you are a store or marketplace that would like to stock our strings, we would just need your website/media page!

You can contact us regarding an endorsement in a few different ways:
o Head to the contact link at the top of the website.
o Send us an e-mail to
o Message us directly at our facebook page HERE.

Please note, we try to reply to everyone that gets in touch! We do our best to not make anyone wait for more than a week to hear a response but if you do not hear back from us, it could be for the following reasons:
o The applicant has ignored all of our initial criteria.
o Music or social accounts contain offensive material.
o Country may not be possible to ship to reliably.
o Requests for free samples before applying are generally ignored.

On a successful application you will be contacted direct and told which league we feel is best to offer you at this point in time. Depending on what you're offered, you will be given your unique endorsement code* and we will provide details on how to proceed with your first order!
*Your endorsement code will be unique to one user, if the code is used by anyone else, any endorsement association with us becomes invalidated.


We wish all our applicants the best and strongly advise reading through this page to ensure a swift response. Use our initial criteria as a guideline to determine wether you meet the basic benchmark. Our lowest league is aimed to allow us to reach an even wider field of independent and younger artists that need that first supporting foothold. 

Regardless of the new system and rules for our endorsement, it can't hurt to get in touch and we will endeavour to get back to all of you! So drop us a line as we're looking forward to hearing some new music!  


Andy Constantinou